"When I walk into Magnolia, I just feel a weight lift off of me. It's so relaxing, peaceful, and welcoming. I look forward to coming here."
— N.J., 60 year old female

Our mission is to offer Mental Health services that will support and enhance the personal growth and development of our clients. Services offered are tailored to assist clients in meeting their personal wellness goals while maintaining the high standards of Counseling and Mental Health Therapy. A commitment to client confidentiality, ethical behavior and a counseling practice that reflects current research and standards is central to our mission and daily practice.

Therapy includes everyday people suffering from everyday human problems. Our therapists seek to help our clients find real solutions to these very real challenges.

We are all professionally trained in the following areas:

Beyond these more common issues, each therapist has specialty areas. Please contact us if you need help deciding if we are the best place for you and your family, or if you have any other questions.